Aims & Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the Dharmodaya SabhaFollowing are the aims and objectives of the Dharmodaya Sabha

 1.   To promote the cause of the preservation of the buddhist traditins of Nepal      Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.

2.   To the safeguard the interest of the Buddhists of Nepal.

3.   To maintain the cordial relationship among different religions of Nepal.

4.   To propagate the Buddhist teachings as embodied in different vehicles as in every   vehicles  the main teachings of the Buddha.A.  To four noble truths,B.  The noble English paths andC.  The law of dependent origination, are the same. The only difference in their interpretation to suit the intellectual understanding capacity of the laity. The vinaya rules laid down by the Buddha for the betterment of the monks and the laity are also the same through there are slight difference in their practical application in life.The Dharmodaya Sabha primarily a Theravada lay Buddhist organization later included in its  constitution all these three vehicles- Theravada, Mahayana and  Vajrayana. It laid down in it’s constitution provisions for 3 years terms of presidency for the leaders of Bajracharyas [Bajra Yan], Theravada Monks and Lama preachers. It has Thus been attempting to untie the three yana followers in it’s attempt to generate a comprehensive national Buddhist unity, organization and consciousness of the necessity of forging a strong National Buddhist Organization Thus creating an awareness among the different sects of Buddhism organization thus creating an awareness among the different sects of Buddhism now existing in Nepal.In the beginning when the Dharmodaya Sabha was set up in sarnath Banaras, India Ven. Chandramuni Mahasthabir, residing Kushinagar where Lord Buddha had attained Nirvana, was made the Chairman of the Dharmodaya Sabha. Ven. Bhandant Ananda Kausallyan and Late Mr. Maniharsha Jyoti were made the Vice-chairman and Treasure respectively and Ven’ble Amritananda was made the Vice-chairman and Treasurer respectively and Ven’ble Amritananda was made the secretary general. Ven Mahanama the member of the executive committee of the Dharmodaya Sabha.