The Publication of the Dharmodaya, the monthly magazine

The Dharmodaya Sabha started it’s campaign against the expulsion of the five Buddhist monk from Nepal by the Rana Prime Minister Juddha Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana, the then Prime minister of Nepal. To continue it’s struggle against the autocratic Rabas it firs published it’s monthly magazine the Dharmodaya Sabha as it’s mouth piece to let the people know about the in human actions of the Ranas to expel the five innocent Buddhist monks from Nepal thus forbidding the Buddhists to preach Buddhist teachings to the people of Nepal. The language used in the magazine was Nepal Bhasa as the most of the Buddhists in Kathmandu valley are Newars. Later, in course of time, though the Dhamma Duta the Hindu monthly magazine of the Mahabodhi of the tenets of Tripitaka in Nepal language as it is widely spoken through out the kingdom of Nepal as the national lingua franca.

Publication of Buddhist books:  

The Dharmodaya Sabha started publishing books on various Buddhist aspects from primary Buddhists books to standard explanatory treatises in Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist Jataka stories and anecdotes on Buddha’s practical life from the study of the tripitakas besides waging continuous struggle against the anti-Buddhist policy of the Rana rigime. Ven’ble Amritananda, Ven Dhammaloka, Ven Sakyananda, Ven Subodhananda, Ven Bhadanta Anada Kausallyan and Ven Rahul Sankrityayana started a vigorous campaing against the anti Buddhist policy of the Ranas. Besides, Nepalese Buddhists living in Indies also strongly supported the Dharmodaya Sabha in it’s struggle against the anti- Buddhist policy of the Ranas.

Dharmodaya Publications and Authors

Dhammapadatthakatha                                         Bhikkhu Amritananda

Gnanamala                                                                Bhikkhu Dhammaloka and Amritananda

Buddha Guna                                                            Bhikkhu Dhammaloka

Buddhist Geography of Ancient Nepal                    Chanda Bahadur Sherestha

Buddha Jivani                                                           Bhikkhu Amritananda

Grihi Vinaya                                                              Bhikkhu Amritananda

Karma Vibhag                                                           Bhikkhu Amritananda

Arayasatya                                                                 Bhikkhu Amritananda

Pathyasutra                                                               Bhikkhu Amritananda

Dharma Chakkra Sutra                                           Bhikkhu Aniruddha

Buddhism & Nepal                                                   Kuldharma Ratna Tuladhar

Hwanaga                                                                    Hridaya

Jhimacha                                                                   Hridaya

He masta Dan Dan                                                  Purna Pathik

Vanavasaya Chagu Khan                                        Phatte Bahadur Singh

Nepal Bhasa Shahitya Sangraha                           Sugat Das Tuladhar

Dhammapada (Nepal Bhasa)                                Bhikkhu Amritananda

Jatakmala (Part 1 & 2)                                            Bhikkhu Amritananda

Nugha                                                                        Bhikkhu Mahanama

Maha China Yatra                                                   Bhikkhu Dhammaloka

Agra Srawak                                                             Bhikkhu Amritananda

Mahaswapna Jataka                                               Bhikkhu Amritananda

Buddhopadesh                                                        Bhikkhu Kramashila

Gautam Buddha                                                      Satya Mohan Joshi

Paritrana                                                                   Bhikkhu Kramashila

Milinda Prashna (Hindi)                                       Bhikkhu Jagadish Kashyap

Lokniti                                                                       Bhikkhu Aniruddha

Agra Sravaka (Hindi)                                             Bhikkhu Bhdanta Ananda Kausalyayan

Agra Sravaka (Nepal Bhasa)                                 Bhikkhu Amritananda

Dhammapada (Nepali)                                          Bhikkhu Amritananda

Jagat Jyoti (Nepali)                                                Dhama Ratna Yemi

Snap Shots of Kathmandu valley                         Krishna bahadur Manandhar

Dharmodaya Monthly Magazine